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Berlin Fashion Week Highlights

8th Berlin Fashion Week / DE

What's Up? / Author: Mira Vales / January 23, 2012

Berlin Fashion Week (Fall 2012) has just finished. How about a little overview?

Although one of the more recent fashion weeks around, Berlin started catching up to its competitors quite quickly.
Organised for the 8th time, it is obviously not as hyped as Paris or London, but Berlin's fashion is already becoming "distinctive". For those who like the Parisian sense for grandeur, the German equivalent may seem a little lacking: no huge haute couture numbers, bows or pom-poms. What we get instead is precisely what Germans are famous for: well-engineered, perfectly cut, and quite minimalistic. If there is something playful, then mostly on the level of geometry or volume. This season there were lots of tonned-down,soft colours - be it camel and dusty red at Patrick Mohr, beige at Vladimir Karaleev or dark grey at Perret Schaad.

Here are few shows I think you should see and designers you should look up:

Perret Schaad
Johanna Perret and Tutia Schaad, two ex-classmates from Berlin's Kunsthochschule, and their collection full of subtle colours and gentle fabrics.

Issever Bahri
Another pair of designers, Derya Issever and Cimen Bachri, who have been working together since 2010, and their tongue-in-cheek show full of mono-colours and dark on darks.

Patrick Mohr
Though this season visibly more down-to-earth and wearable, Patrick Mohr still masters the mixing of hi-tech and high-end fashion.

Vladimir Karaleev
Perhaps the most anticipated designer in Berlin these days, Mr. Karaleev was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and moved to Berlin at the age of 19. His collection plays with shape and volume - and I am not talking of the model's hairstyle, watch the cut of his coats!

Don't shoot the messengers
The quirky brand made by Jen Gilpin and Kyle Callanan stays pretty true to their core beliefs - leather, silk and (mostly) black. Don't look for too much experiment here, this one suppose to be (and indeed is) sexy and raw. Period.

Photos: Blacky dress (1), Von Bardonitz (2), Vladimir Karaleev (3), Kaviar Gauche weeding dress (4), Issever Bahri (5), Von Bardonitz - detail (6)

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